American Strength Ugly Sweater Holiday Party
12:00 PM12:00

American Strength Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

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Come join us as we celebrate the holidays!
This event is a potluck! Feel Free to being a dish to share!
(We have a sign up sheet at the gym)

Feel free to bring a friend or bring the whole family!
We will be taking a gym family portrait @ 1pm
with a guest appearance!

In addition to the holiday party, American Strength will be hosting a food drive for Second Harvest! We will be accepting canned goods, non-perishables, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies.

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Spotting and Loading Clinic
12:00 PM12:00

Spotting and Loading Clinic



If you are interested in helping at future USA Powerlifting Minnesota events please come out to American Strength on May 27th @ 12:00 p.m. to learn proper spotting and loading techniques, and how to help with the scoring table and lifting cast. 

Anna White‎ to USA Powerlifting Minnesota (USAPL)

April 7 · 

As most of you know we have significantly increased the opportunities to compete in MN in the last few years. With this increase comes a need for lots of new vo...

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USA Powerlifting 2017 American Strength Masters Brawl
9:00 AM09:00

USA Powerlifting 2017 American Strength Masters Brawl

For the first time since 1998 in Minnesota, we will be hosting a USA Powerlifting Masters only meet. There will be 45 full meet slots available and 15 bench only. Look for entry forms in the future! We look forward to seeing you at American Strength on May 6th!

Full Powerlifting Awards will be given to 1st-3rd Place for Men's and Women's Raw and Equipped Master's 1 (40-49), Master's 2 (50-59) and Master's 3 (60+). Placing will be determined by formula. 

Bench Only awards will be given to 1st - 3rd Place for Men's and Womens Raw and Equipped lifters. Placing will be determined by formula.

Links for Live Registration:

Full Power:

Bench Only:

Current Roster can be found here. Just select the event American Strength Master's Brawl Bench Only or Full Powerlifting to see the list of lifters.


If you have any questions regarding this event. Please contact Ken or Shannon directly via email, phone, or on the event facebook page.

Shannon Phone: 507-276-6100
Ken Phone: 651-707-6378

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9:00 AM09:00

2017 USA Powerlifting Twin Cities Open

This year’s Twin Cities Open (TCO) will be held on April 22 at American Strength in Maplewood. 

The following is from Jim Cahill (TCO meet director): “As some of you may know, Brad Madvig has been dealing with serious medical issues since he was diagnosed with an extremely rare benign brain tumor in September of 2015. Since then, he has been battling hydrocephalus (retention of water and cerebrospinal fluid in brain), increased intercranial pressure, abnormal clusters of blood vessels in the brain (fistulas) and severely diminished vision to the point that he has not driven a car or worked since last September. He has exhausted all of his short term disability benefits last December and is in the process of applying for long term disability benefits. Since last September, he has undergone 6 surgeries, and the most recent surgery on February 7th resulted in a 5 week hospital stay at the University of Minnesota Hospital where he lost his ability to speak. Just yesterday, he was discharged so that he can receive the physical, occupational, and speech therapy that he needs in order to get back on track. All proceeds from the meet minus drug testing costs and the sanction fee will go towards Brad’s expenses. Brad has been an instrumental figure on the Minnesota powerlifting scene going back to the late 1990s. This meet will give everyone an opportunity to compete, have fun, and help out someone who has given so much to the sport here in Minnesota!”

To register, click here.

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Strickland Family Lift -a- Thon
1:00 PM13:00

Strickland Family Lift -a- Thon

My name is Chris Hayes and I am writing on behalf of the Strickland family. Maximus Nutrition in conjunction with American Strength Training Center will be hosting a benefit Lift-a-Thon and silent auction to benefit Jake and Ashley Strickland as they cope with Ashley’s recent crohn’s diagnosis. The event will be help on December 18, 2016 for 1 PM to 5 PM at American Strength Training Center located at 1636 Gervais Ave. Maplewood, MN.

Ashley’s battle with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s:

* Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in April 2010 (shortly after was able to reach remission)

* 2015 her UC flared up again and was unable to reach remission

* October 2016, Ashley had to have a total colectomy (colon and rectum removed)

* Currently Ashley lives with an ileostomy bag.

* Recently Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

The Strickland's are a military family. Jake served his country in Iraq in 2011. 

I am looking for lifters for the lift-a-thon. the entry fee to participate is $30 and that will include a "Strickland Family Lift-a-Thon" t-shirt. 

The event is December 18th, so I would love to have all lifters registered and donations received by the 17th.

All donations after the event costs will be sent to the Strickland's just in time for Christmas. 

Thank each and every one of who who visited this fund page! Thank everyone who decides to lift in their honor and those who just chose to give to this beautiful family!


Please register and donate @

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12:00 PM12:00

CPR Classes







Certification offered by


An American Heart Association Provider

Sunday 11/13, 12:00-5:30

Sunday 12/11, 12:00-5:30


 at American Strength Training Center sign up:

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Deadlifts to the Moutain Tops
1:00 PM13:00

Deadlifts to the Moutain Tops

Hi everyone, my name is James Vang and I will be teaching a dead lift seminar at American Strength Gym. We are going to go over things such as the conventional dead lift and the sumo dead lift. We will explore into things such as which style might be more suitable for each individual for their particular goals, technical aspects of each lift, and my thoughts on how I approach the dead lift. I would like to add ontop of the seminar, some of the funds from the event will be going towards my good friend Tou Saiko Lee's Street Stop and Mountain Tops project so if you want to come learn a few things here and there about deadlifting from me and support my friend Tou Saiko Lee and his group of amazing artists, come join me at American Strength Gym that Sunday afternoon!

20$ per person

Please invite whoever you all know might be interested!

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