Ken is an owner and the director of training at American Strength Training Center. Ken started lifting almost 40 years ago and has competed in powerlifting for over 35 years. He has coached youth sports and powerlifters for over 20 years and has been a personal trainer for the last 6 years. American Strength opened in May 2014 and was conceived by Ken and partners with the objective to differ from a commercial gym. American Strength is built around the concept of providing a training facility to encompass all aspects of weight training.  Ken’s focus as a trainer includes, general fitness, athletic training, and competitive powerlifting. American Strength Training Center is a USAPL Silver Regional Training Center and Ken is one of 3 USAPL Club coaches at the facility.

Ken works with clients from the novice to the experienced. He encourages them to set goals and expectations as an individual. Ken is known as a lifting technician and emphasizes proper technique, safety, mobility, programming. Together Ken will help his clients to reach and exceed their personal goals.

If your goal is to be a competitive lifter, be a better athlete, rehab an injury, or just get in shape, American Strength trainers can help you achieve optimal results.