Every Cancer survivor should have a survivor plan, that lists their diagnosis, previous and current treatment, follow up plan specific to risk factors of diagnosis and side effects of treatment, and finally an individualized plan to return to his or her best possible health.

Physical activity, such as aerobic exercise, flexibility, and strength training, have the same benefits for cancer survivors as they do for the general population: denser bones, improved mood and sleep, more energy... many benefits include reduced mortality.

It is not uncommon for a cancer survivor to be at higher risk than the general population for cardiac problems, lymphedema, blood clots, osteoporosis, nerve problems, immobility and imbalance problems as well as other health concerns.

Many cancer survivors have great difficulty overcoming barriers to fitness and strength training.

We encourage anyone who has fistulas, ostomies, incontinence or cancer, or who have recovered from any of these health conditions, to try a strength training program specific to his or her abilities and needs. Our free 12 week program for cancer survivors is based on the Physical Activity and Lymphedema (PAL) protocol which is proven to aid in the recover of overall health in cancer survivors.

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